Elvira's First Home Birth

Above is Elvira, 26, G3, EDD 12/06/05. Elvira was my patient for her first pregnancy, but chickened out at the last moment and had her first child in the Tijuana General Hospital. Elvira had her second child in the IMSS hospital, but she said none of her hospital experiences were nice so she is ready for a home birth. On a Wednesday morning, Elvira called me, saying that she was having pains. Elvira is positively the smallest women that I have ever seen and I would judge her height at 4'3" to 4'4". She is probably the smallest human being that you will ever see photos of giving birth! Below is Elvira's birth story.

Left, Elvira resting in her bed (The only bed in this one room, dirt floor canyon house) Elvira is almost fully dilated. Right, Elvira has been pushing for more then 2 hours. Because Elvira has NO body fat, she has no reserves to draw upon, so she has 20 minutes of slow, spaced out contractions and 20 minutes of when she sleeps so that her tiny body can recuperate.

Even though Elvira is tiny, her baby is NOT. As he emerges, I can see that it is a BIG baby for this little women.

Left, finally the head is out, and we wait for the final contraction. Right, Elvira closes her eyes and rests for a moment after this difficult delivery. It's finally over!

LOOK at that molding! God made babies heads adaptable and flexible, but I am not sure if this baby girl's head could be molded any further!

A bit later, we pose for this photo as Elvira nurses her newborn 3.2 Kg. daughter, born at 2:33 PM, 12/9/05. Even though this was a difficult birth for Elvira, she said that it was still much nicer then her hospital births, because she had the help of her husband and I and her 2 other children were close by. In many places in the world, these very small women would have been told by their doctor that "There is no way that you will have your baby normally! You will have to have a ceseraen." We know better! #457.

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