Aday's home birth

Above is Aday (pronounced Adii), 18, G2, EDD 7/24/05. Aday had her first child in a hospital but wants to have a home birth for this baby. Aday lost her first child at 7 months to a childhood disease. Aday has absolutely no fear of birthing this child at home because she comes from Chiapas Mexico where still more then 50% of all women have their babies at home.

Aday called me early Sunday morning. When I arrived at 5:30 AM, Aday is 3 cm. dilated (left photo) and very calm. Later, at 10 AM, Aday (right photo) is fully dilated and getting desires to push. Aday wants to lay down on her bed, but every time that she does and has a contraction, FHT's take a severe dip, so I told her that she must not lay down until she is crowning as standing seems to help keep the FHT's dips to a minimum. Although the baby does not have it's cord around it's neck, the cord must be somewhere low where it is being squeezed when Aday has a contraction.

Finally the crowning of her baby has begun, so Aday can lay down. Aday quickly brings the baby's head to a full crown.

Left, the head is fully out and Aday waits for the final contraction. Right, a few minutes later, Aday joyfully holds on to her newborn daughter born at 10:40 AM as Aday looks at her husband. It took about 10 minutes of rubbing and other types of stimulation before this little girl took it's first lusty cry because of the cord compression problem.

Above, Aday's husband proudly holds his newborn 3.15 Kg. daughter. I am sure that they are glad that they did not cave in to neighbors who probably told them "Go to the hospital, it is safer" We know better! #434.

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