Adelfa's first Vaginal birth

Above is Adelfa, 29. Adelfa has had 2 cesareans and wants to have this baby normally. I thought that Adelfa had great courage when she came to me, wanting a home birth, but I worried as this would not only be her first vaginal birth, but her first home birth! I was ready to help make her dream a reality if possible.


Adelfa called me on 6/4/04. The man in her life has abandoned her, so she lives with her mother and a number of her sisters. As this birth unfolds, Left, Adelfa relaxes on her bed as I get ready to check FHT's. Right, Adelfa has many loving hands of her family touching and helping her, as she starts pushing out her new daughter. Adelfa's cesarean scar is quite apparent, and it has taken Adelfa about 1½ hours of pushing to get to this point. Right, holding her left leg is an aunt, behind her is her mother, holding her right leg is a younger sister, and another sister is video taping the birth.


Left, Adelfa has birthed the head and is waiting for the next contraction to complete the birth. Right, Adelfa nurses her 4.2 Kg. (9 Lbs. 4 oz.) daughter about 30 minutes after the birth. I had great faith that Adelfa would succeed. I hope that these photos give courage and confidence to women with previous cesareans who want to have a normal birth for their next child.


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