Adriene's First Birth

Above is Adriene, 18, and 8½ months along with her first child. The above photo was taken the first day that I met Adriene and her husband. Adriene's girl friends were all getting cesareans and she did NOT want one. Adriene had heard that I have helped a lot of first time women to have normal births. Adriene lives far from any of the communities that I do care in, so she was temporarily living with her friend Mercedes, a women who had her last baby with me.

Above, Adriene is in early labor at Mercedes house, but later this has turned out to be a false alarm. Adriene will endure another 24 more hours with continuous light and bothersome but ineffective contractions. The next day I have prenatal visits to do and Adriene is worried that she will have start having her baby when I am out visiting some where, so Adriene and her husband ride around with me in my car the next day as I make my prenatal visit rounds. In the evening, Adriene starts having harder contractions. Below Adriene's first birth unfolds.

About 9 PM, Adriene starts having very hard and painful contractions. We are now in my Tijuana house which has hot running water and a bathroom. Adriene is having her baby on my bed. Left, Adriene is been pushing for about 45 minutes and now you can see the head of her baby. Right, the head is out and she is waiting for the next contraction. Note the cleanliness of this birth. She was shaved by her husband earlier and also had an enema so things are as clean as possible.

Left, another contraction has rotated the baby. Adriene waits for the next contraction. Right Adriene pushes for the final time and her baby is out. There is a loop of cord around the baby's neck. By maintaining the baby's head close to Adriene's body, it is easy to un loop the cord without cutting it early.

Left, I have un looped the cord that was around the baby's neck and placed Adriene's newborn daughter on her tummy at 10:52 PM, 2/11/05. Adriene now realizes that she has "Done it" and her fears, worries and self doubts are over. Adriene's emotions now come pouring out. Adriene cries and cries as she feels her newborn breath on her tummy. Right, we have cleaned up Adriene and her baby. Adriene happily nurses her 3.5 Kg. daughter for the first time. #397


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