Angelica's second VBA2C birth

Above is Angelica, 25, G4, EDD 5/7/05, VBA2C. Angelica's first 2 births were in a hospital and by cesarean section. We met in 2001 when Angelica was pregnant with her third child. Angelica talked about her 2 previous cesareans with terror in her eyes. Then Angelica talked about the possibility of having a normal birth with a smile. Although a bit scared, Angelica did give birth normally to her third child in her home with her family by her side. Left, she is about 8 months along. Her oldest daughter wants to be my birth helper. Right, Angelica is in labor and she is about 7 cm. dilated.

Above, left, the birth has started. On Angelica's left is her husband helping her. On her right is her aunt doing fundal pressure. Angelica's daughter wanted to be here, but Angelica's husband didn't want her in the room, because he thought she would be scared and get a bad outlook on birth. I asked him, please let your daughter be here, she WANTS to be here and has been looking forward to this moment for months. He finally relented, and I called in Angelica's daughter. She was Sooooo happy to be able to be with her mother and experience the birth. Right, the baby's head is out and we wait for the next contraction.

Left, Angelica is pushing, but instantly, I can see that we are having a shoulder dystocia as the baby is not moving and his head is turning purple. Right away, I tell Angelica to get on her hands and knees. Right, Angelica's has gotten on to her hands and knees and with this new position and a little bit of repositioning of the baby has allowed him to free his left shoulder. My apprentice Augustine is doing the delivery as I video tape this birth with my right hand and take these stills with my left hand.

Angelica birthed a 4.6 Kg. (10 Lb. 1 oz) Boy at 3:02 PM, 4/28/05 after a 7 hour labor. After everything was cleaned up, I get the family together (except for their youngest daughter) for one last photo. Everyone is happy and this has been another beautiful VBAC birth. Angelica's oldest daughter (left) was so happy to have been with her mother and seen her birth. I hope that she will want to have her children at home when she becomes old enough to have a family. #408


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