Antonia's first birth

Wednesday at 9 PM, on 11/13/05, I received a call from a man saying "Do you remember Antonia?" "No" I said. "Antonia lives directly across from your house in El Niño and she came to you when she was about 3 months along" "Oh yea, I remember her, she is the one who told me later in her pregnancy that she had seen a doctor and that doctor told her that the baby she was carrying was huge and she might die trying to have it, so she decided to have a cesarean, right?" "Yes, that is Antonia, but she has changed her mind, she does not want a cesarean and she wants you to take care of her, can you come and check her, she is having mild contractions" "OK" I said. "I will be at your house in 2 hours. I gathered up my things and headed for Tijuana.

The photo above I took shortly after my arrival at Antonia's house. As you can see from the photo above, Antonia is a plus sized young women. Many doctors do not like to care for these women, because they think that they are lazy, etc. and don't want to be slim. ALL of the women in Antonia's family are large and that is just how they are. Antonia was only 1 cm. dilated when I arrived a bit before Midnight, so I told Antonia to rest and walk if she felt like it. Later in the day, Antonia was walking around outside in her community and I was doing prenatal visits and checking back in about every 2 hours. By 3:30 PM Friday, Antonia is 4 cm. and her contractions are getting harder. By 5:30 PM, Antonia is Antonia is 8 cm. Now things are getting tuff for Antonia. She is getting some urges to push, but she has been up for about 20 hours and is now very tired. Her contractions now are very painful and cannot be ignored! Antonia's mother, sisters and Aunt are all pushing Antonia to keep walking and not to give up. By 9 PM, Antonia decides that this is too difficult and she wants to go to the hospital. I start to pack up my things. As I am putting my things in my bag, I hear a big commotion in the living room.

Antonia's mother, sisters, Aunt and father are ALL telling Antonia that "You can't give up!" Antonia's Aunt says "I had all of my children at home, The first wasn't easy, I was in labor for 3 days, but I did it and so can you!" Antonia's mother said "When I was in labor with you, I also had a long labor also, BUT I did birth you normally AND at home, and you can have this baby normally too, but you need to have patience!" They asked me what I thought, and how much longer I thought it would take. "3-4 hours more" I said. Antonia looked at me with a totally blown away look and said "That's too long, I am already exhausted" as she began to cry. "You will find the strength" said Antonia's mother and Aunt. "You can't give up" says her father. So Antonia's father says to Antonia "Come and grab on to my neck and push when you have a contraction. The photo above shows this as Antonia pushes with all of her strength. Slowly Antonia's baby begins to descend. It has been a LONG time since I have been with such a loving and POSITIVE family! They are NOT going to let Antonia fail.

Almost 3 hours later, finally Antonia's baby is visible. Her mood has changed and she can feel her child coming and Antonia pushes with all her strength. Antonia's tiny bedroom is full with her loving, positive family. On her left is Antonia's mother and her father. Antonia's Aunt is on her right. Antonia's sisters are behind me. I can feel the love that this close knit family has for Antonia.

A few more pushes and Antonia's newborn is coming into my hands. It is hard to see, but this little one had it's hand up by it's face and now it is just below it's chin. That and Antonia's strong vaginal muscles contributed to this baby's slow decent. Antonia's baby would only make progress when she was in an upright position, so for 3 hours, we held Antonia in various vertical positions to help make this baby descend. For sure, Antonia would have gotten a cesarean in any public institution, because they would not have helped her as we did.

Left, Antonia relaxes as we all cheer her for her difficult, but successful birth. Antonia's first daughter, born at 12:05 AM, 11/13/05 is 3.5 Kg., a very normal weight. That doctor who told Antonia that her baby was huge and that she would never be able to birth it normally was just a typical money driven creep who wanted to make things easy for himself. This happens to so many women everywhere in the world! Antonia did a LOT of growing up this day, and I was proud to have helped her, and I am sure that she is proud of herself. Right, Antonia's husband hugs her to show his love for her noble work. #452.

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