Note to future apprentices!

By Judi Plummer, apprenticed 10/1/04-11/16/04.

If your idea of “roughing it” is condo camping… reconsider
If you can’t pee in a ditch reconsider.
There is no climate control here i.e. air or heat.
There is lots of unpleasant smells here, especially after the rains.
Out houses can be considered a luxury item.
Jerry drives like a manic. (There are always 2 sides to any story, Judi drives slower than my grandmother! When we were driving both our cars to visit an in labor mom, she never stayed close to my car, so in the heavy Tijuana traffic, people were constantly passing Judi. Before you knew it, she was out of sight. I was constantly pulling over to let her catch up) Jerry That is true.
Electricity and water service are not dependable.
There is usually no water in the riverbed.
Bring a sleeping bag if you object to mice running over your feet (I swaddle myself) (Or buy a mouse trap!) Jerry
I got a cat
The best chance for a warm shower is in the afternoon.
(Or Learn how to light the water heater and you will have hot water 24/7) Jerry.
Bring cooking and eating utensils.
I’m leaving my coffeepot but bring filters.
Practice your Spanish.
You can’t change the world.
Poverty sucks, babies starve.
Proper nutrition is an American myth.
The age of consent appears to be 14.
Many have their 1st babies @ 15 yr.
Bring sturdy shoes, antibacterial wetwipes, purell.
Learn to “squat” as some outhouses you just want to avoid.
Dust is everywhere, except when replaced by mud (I’m sure the mud will turn to dust when it dries)
If you get lost ask a bus driver for directions
Triple check your cell phone plan and get it in writing. I ran up a $400.00 cell bill in 10 days. .50 cents a min + 1.00 a min roaming. Extended area is another term for roaming.

Judi Plummer.

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