My brush with the law in Tijuana

Like many bad things that happen in our lives, if you take apart the events, most of the time there is a reason for everything, and taken bit by bit, things are not as bad as they first seemed. Quite often you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.
The first thing that contributed to that fateful day in November 2004 was the fact that I was driving a REALLY ugly car. The left front was heavily damaged in a recent traffic accident and that was the reason for the initial stop. I had just come from paying a guy to buy the parts necessary to repair my car when I got stopped on my way to a labor call. The next
contributing thing was that I admitted that I was working in Mexico without permission. I should have kept my mouth shut, as there was no way that the cop would have known that on his own. So then they began to look through my things.

They discovered Meds in my birth bag, that was my 3rd. error. I now keep them out of my birth bag and hidden in my car, and I would never admit that the bag is mine. Next time I would tell them that my wife is a doctor and I just took her to the airport for a vacation.
The 4th. thing was the fact that this most likely very crocked old cop would have excepted some money for my "problem", but this day they had put 2 young, straight cops with him. So he had to play this bust straight because of those 2 young, straight cops that were with him, or he was looking for an easy bust to show these 2 rookies what were with him how he straight he was. A long set of circumstances that all came together that November day.

During the next 2 weeks, they were "investigating" me. I am sure that they must have tried to get someone who had a birth with me to say something negative about me, but apparently, no one said anything bad in my behalf. They had one of my birth books with them,, and it had at least 40 births with names and addresses in it. They wanted "references to where I got my experience, and with admitting that that I had attended more then 400 home births in Tijuana over the last 6 years, I also told them that I had trained in Casa de Naciemento in El Paso, Texas. Apparently they did call them and verify my time there.

They finally closed the case about 2½ weeks later because of lack of evidence. I got my birth bag, books and car back, and then I resumed doing Midwifery in Tijuana the same day that I got my possessions back. When I was doing my prenatal visits the first Saturday after getting my possessions back, I found that one of my patients was in labor, and I delivered her baby later in the evening. Been busy deliverin babies since then.