A Home Breech Birth

Above, the mom at 8½ months with her 2 daughters, the day that we first met. She had heard that I would do breeches.

The birth has started, we are greeted with the presenting part, the baby's foot!

As the birth progresses, we see that she is giving birth to a Boy, her first, and we tell her so! My apprentice from Alaska is attending this birth and she gently holds this little one as I take the photos and coach her.

Everything out but the head. This mom had Episiotomies with her other 2 births, and she had rather rigid pelvic floor muscles. Because of possible cord compression, we used sub pubic pressure to keep the baby from being in this position too long.

A happy mom, as she holds her firstborn son. She had been told by all of her other caregivers that she would have to have a Caesarian for this birth. I am sure that she is very proud at this moment. I was very proud of her for not loosing her courage, and caving in to the pressure of the other caregivers.


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