A very calm, quiet Birth!

One Thursday evening, my apprentice Judi gets a knock on the door at my El Niño, Tijuana house. When she answers it, there is a very small young pregnant women outside. Judi invites her in, and thinks that she has stopped by to sign up for prenatal care. Sandra tells Judi that she is 18 years old and pregnant with her first child and not had any prenatal care. Sandra says that she recentlly had a big fight with her boyfriend, so she is living close by at her mother's house. Sandra said that she has been having some mild pains and leaking a bit of water in the morning. When Judi checks Sandra, she finds that Sandra is 6 cm. dilated! Judi is amassed, as this little mom to be has not let out a peep! Judi knows that I am on the way, as we have an AIDS conference to attend in the morning. When I arrive a bit after 10 PM, Sandra is complete and pushing. Soon the membranes are bulging and the baby's head is visable.

Left, Sandra calmly pushes again, and births the baby's head. Right, rotation has taken place, and Sandra pushes for the final time to birth the baby's body. The photo catches the fact that Sandra is doing her own fundal pressure, a very popular thing done in Mexico during the pushing stage. This baby is born in the "Caul" (membranes did not tear during the birth). If no one was with Sandra during her birth or if Sandra birthed alone and did not realize that the membranes needed to be removed, this baby could have died because of it's inability to get air. Judi remove the membranes, and Sandra's new son takes his first breath at 10:44 PM.

About 25 minutes later, after we have cleaned up Sandra and dressed the newborn, Sandra poses for the photo on the left, as she nurses her 3.0 Kg. son. Right, Sandra poses with me, and as you can see Sandra is a rather small person. A few minutes after this photo, Sandra walks out to my car, and we drive her to her back to her mothers house. What a fantastically calm new mom. #381


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