Above is Cloudia, 16, with her Tijuana boyfriend, Steven, the son of my long time Midwife friend, Angelica. Cloudia is an American citizen and wanted to have her first child in the US. When Cloudia was younger, she had bad headaches and had a spinal tap in a hospital. She said it was very painful, and from then on, Cloudia had a morbid distrust of hospitals. I offered to let her have her baby in my home and Cloudia liked that Idea. Cloudia called one day in January and said that she was in labor. Because we had a 2 hour drive to my house, I checked her before we headed for the border. Cloudia was 3 cm dilated, so I thought that we had time to get to my house as planned. Shortly after crossing the border, my car quit. I pushed it into a side street. I quickly called my wife, and she said that she would come to our destination, but it would be almost 2 hours before she would arrive where we were. It was obvious that our plans for Cloudia to have her baby at my house were out the window, because she was then 5 cm. and having hard contractions. Up the street where we were parked was a big rig dispatch yard. We had many tractor-trailer rigs passing by. I thought that we would have an accident any moment, as the big rig drivers were craning their necks looking at this pretty young girl with her legs up on my dash. I covered Cloudia with a towel as the big rigs went by. To add to our worries, just up the street was a large fire station. I was constantly worried that they would come out of their station and discover us and want to take over the situation. Somehow, Cloudia is very calm during all of this as her labor advances.

Left, Cloudia reaches down and touches the head of her soon to arrive baby. By the time that my wife and daughters arrived, Cloudia was fully dilated and had started to push. Cloudia wanted birth photos, so I gave my camera to my 15 year old daughter, and she is taking the photos. Right, Cloudia has quietly birthed her baby's head and awaits for the next contraction to complete the birth of her first child. I remove the loup of cord that is around the baby's neck seconds after the photo was taken.

Left, I lay her new born son on her tummy. After I tended to the placenta, we move to my wife's car, and continue our trip to my house. After we get Cloudia and her son cleaned up, my daughter took the photo on the right, as we reminisce about this unplanned, bazaar but happy birth.

Epilog. Cloudia contacted me about a year after this birth, as she thought she is expecting her second child. Although Cloudia definitely wants to have her next child with me, she is emphatic that she wants to have this child in a BED, not in a car! I told her "I am sure we will have better luck with that next time!" But, the really sad part is Cloudia has split up with Steven (he has their child) & is now living with a drug dealer in the Tijuana Playas (Beach area) She called me again to see if she was pregnant. "No" I told her. She seemed disappointed. She told me, that she was scared living in the Playas, but she did not know where to go & kind of seemed lost or on drugs. Cloudia never contacted me again, & I have a feeling that she is now dead, as there was a lot of gang violence in the playas. How sad.


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