Want a Cesarean?

I know that some women will choose a Cesarean for the birth of their child. In my impression, they are trading "pre birth pain" for "after the birth pain".

I can think of many many negative reasons against a Cesarean. A Cesarean IS Major abdominal surgery. Above the fact that the doc will cut through all of the veins, arteries, nerves and muscles in the incision area, there is a slight chance that he may accidentally cut the baby or some of your internal organs during the operation. Heavy set moms have a higher infection rate, due to poor circulation in the fat layers. Adhesions may developed inside. As the incision grows back together, there may be another organ laying against the incision, and this organ will now be falsely attacted to the scar tissue. Adhesions develop as a result of scar tissue and can cause infertility, pelvic pain and abnormalities of bowel function. A few women will have some tenderness or pain in their incision for the rest of their lives.

The positive things about an elective Cesarean are that you can choose to have your baby on the day that you want, as long as it is Monday through Friday, and the doc is not out of town on your chosen day. Your Doctor may not kiss you for choosing an elective Cesarean, but he will most likely be secretly jumping for joy, as this will be helping him to maintain a daytime obstetrical practice, and your choice will certainly help his bottom line, because he can bill your insurer for a Cesarean, which will usually bring him double the usual birth fee.

What if you become pregnant again sometime in the future? You will most likely be scared to try and have a vaginal birth, and may not even want to consider it, and your local hospital may not permit HBAC births.

Many women are "Scared" into a Cesarean. Some Obstetricians like to practice what we refer to as "Fear based Obstetrics". Some of their favorite reasons are:

  1. This baby is just too big.
  2. Your pelvis is too small.
  3. Your fluid level is too low.
  4. Their are (1,2,3) loops of cord around the baby's neck.
  5. You are overdue.

Some Ob's will start their "setup" early in your pregnancy. One favorite is too tell all of his patients that he has a rule that he doesn't allow your pregnancy to go past 41 weeks. As you get close to this "limit", he starts to tell you that "I am planning on inducing you on XXXX day. You can put money on that fact that his chosen day will be during the week, and not on a day that would disturb his (Golfing day, Vacation day, Holiday, etc.). Ob's know that a lot of early inductions will turn out to be failures. He is "Banking" on this. Many inductions are started in the early evening, so that you will be in labor through out the night. He knows that if your cervix is not well effaced, and he puts you in the hospital, and does an IV with Oxytocin, you will immediately start to have painful contractions, but because your cervix is still thick, it will take many hours of hard, painful contractions to efface (thin out) your cervix. So by morning, you are tired and discouraged by the fact that you have only dilated to something less then 10. In the morning, the Doc walks in, and tells you, that you have been in labor now many hours, and you have not dilated to 10, so you will need a Cesarean. Most women are now ready to except whatever the doc says at this point, just to stop the suffering. So the doc has set you up, and he gets to do a Cesarean during normal business hours, and he makes double the money.

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