Above left is Christina, 21, G2, EDD 10/05/05. Christina was my patient for her first pregnancy, but a long scheduled vacation (My first one in 5 years) prevented me from attending her birth. My close Midwife friend Angelica attended Christina's first birth and she wants another home birth for this child. Christina called me at 12:40 PM, 10/4/05 saying that she had started having contractions early in the morning and now they were becoming harder. I told Christina that I would be there in 2 hours, my normal driving time. When I arrived at Christina's place, she was outside waiting for me. In the right photo, Christina is walking in her riverbed house with her husband. As you can see by her face and the way that she is grabbing her husbands shirt, Christina is having a very hard contraction. I had just checked Christina before I took the right photo an Christina is FULLY dilated. Soon Christina was getting some desires to push, so we prepared her bed for this soon to come baby. This house no longer exists! See The Riverbed Fire

Left, Christina and the bed are ready for her soon to arrive child. Right, 50 minutes after my arrival, Christina's baby is making his appearance.

About 20 minutes after the birth, we have Christina and her newborn cleaned up and looking presentable. The baby boy, born at 3:33 PM weighed 3.4 Kg. and is 47 cm. long. #444.

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