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Below are some of my moms that are due in the coming months. This page is meant to be an inspiration to those who have had less then ideal births in the past. Watch these moms, who daily have to deal with difficult living conditions, and somehow manage to have nice home births. If you are going to have a home birth, your photo and a small story about you will be here.

Abbreviations used below.

G=Gestation #, EDD=Estimated Day of Delivery, FOB=Father of Baby, FH=Fundal Height

Above is Ariceli, 20. Ariceli is expecting her second child about 5/22/06. Ariceli had her first baby with me, and it was a bit of a difficult birth, because we had a shoulder dystocia (stuck shoulders) during the birth of her big, 3.6 Kg. daughter. I got her on her hands and knees and that quickly remedied the problem.

Above is Ana Nely, 23, G3, EDD 5/31/06. Ana Nely has had 2 ceserians for her first 2 children but wants to have this child normally. I think that she will be sucessful.

Above is Janet, 16, G2, EDD 6/3/06. Janet had her first child at home and with me, when she was 14. It goes without saying, that Janet does not want a hospital birth for this child.

Above is Noami, 19 and she is expecting her first child about 6/21/06. Noami lives close to the riverbed, but not in it. Like all of the other women that you see on this page, Noami knows that there are very high cesarean rates in the Tijuana hospitals and clinics and she wants to have a home birth to avoid that fate.

Above is Laura, 27, G3, EDD about 6/25/06. Laura was my patient for her last pregnancy but chickened out at the last moment and had another cesarean. Laura is standing in the bedroom where 4 home births have taken place for her sister and sister in law. Laura really wants to have a normal birth this time. I hope that she can do it.

Above is Adriana, her husband and daughter. Adriana had her first child in my Tijuana home and it goes without saying that Adriana is NOT considering a hospital birth for her next child.

Above is Dolores, 16 with her boyfriend. Dolores's first child is due 7/7/06. Dolores's older sister just had a home birth with a local Partera, so Dolores says that she is not scared at all to have her first child at home. Good for her!

Above is Alma, who is 20 and expecting her first child about 7/10/06. Norma (above) and Alma are sister in law's and they live in different houses on the same lot in the riverbed. I delivered Alma's sister's first baby a few years ago, so Alma wants a home birth also.

Above is Cloudia, 21, G2, EDD 7/21/06. Cloudia lives in the Riverbed and gave birth to her first baby in her aunt's house next door. Cloudia does not want to do anything different for this birth. See Cloudia's first birth as it was a beautiful one.

Above is Diana, 18 and her boyfriend. They are expecting their first baby about 7/29/06.

Above is Maribel who is 18 and expecting her first child. Maribel, like Dolores, Diana and Alma above know that their chances of a normal, vaginal delivery in Tijuana are difficult as best, because as in the US, most Tijuana Doctors don't want to be bothered with doing long, tedious, low paying vaginal births. If a Tijuana doctor can scare a young girl into believing that she needs a cesarean, then he makes at least double the money and can do it on his selected time (always daytime) and he will be finished within an hour. If you were a doctor, what would be your choice of birthing methods for your patients? So because of this, these young mothers to be have chosen to have their baby in their home, with their family, to have a more memorable and comfortable birth.

Above is Gabriela. Gabriela is 16 and expecting her first child in mid September. As is the case with the other young girls above, Gabriela, with the advice of her family has chosen to have her first child in her home with the help of her family.

Above is Ofelia and her 3 daughters. Ofelia's first daughter was born in the Tijuana General Hospital and the other 2, she had at home with me. Ofelia is due in August with her next child, and it goes without saying that she does not want to go to a hospital. She is very poor.

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