Elizabeth's First Birth

Above is Elizabeth, 21, G1, EDD 5/20/05. As you can see, Elizabeth is a very tiny person, but Elizabeth comes from Chiapas, Mexico where women have tremendous birth wisdom and trust.

They called me Sunday evening and I arrived about 5:30 PM. Elizabeth is about 7 cm. dilated in this photo and soon is 10 cm. and pushing. They did not want any birth photos, so there are none. That is unfortunate, because when the baby's head was born, it soon began to breath and cry while it's body was still inside Elizabeth! I have attended more then 400 births and I have NEVER seen this before.

Above Elizabeth is holding her one minute old Daughter. Even though this newborn only weighs 2.75 Kg.(6 Lbs.), she looks HUGE laying on Erika's chest. Elizabeth has had a beautiful and fast birth, a little more then one hour after my arrival. Elizabeth birthed her daughter at 6:48 PM, 4/17/05.

6 days later, I pay a visit to see how the new mom and baby are doing. Elizabeth can't seem to get her daughter to latch and nurse on her left breast. It is super engorged and causing her a lot of pain. My apprentice augustine shows Elizabeth how to get her baby to nurse her left breast. Soon, both mom and baby are MUCH happier. What a beautiful couple. #405.

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