Enedelia's Home Birth

Enedelia birthed 2 of her children in a hospital and one at home. Enedelia always felt that the home birth was easier and more comfortable and now that she has located me, she wants another home birth for this soon to arrive child. On Monday, 10/25/05, at 2:30 PM, I received a call for Enedelia. When I arrived at her house 2 hours later, Enedelia was patiently waiting for me outside her house.

Enedelia tells me that her membranes ruptured a few hours earlier, so I take the usual precautions for early ruptured membranes. Enedelia was 3 Cm. dilated when I arrived. 2½ hours later, Enedelia is having harder contractions and during a hard contraction I took the left photo. You can clearly see the baby's form as there is no more amniotic fluid around him. Enedelia is now 6 cm dilated, so I tell her that we need to do the preparations for the birth. About 10 minutes after the left photo, Enedelia has been given an enema which not only helps insure a cleaner birth, but given later in labor, many times they can help stimulate and shorten a labor. I check Enedelia 10 minutes later and she is now 10 Cm. dilated! I tell Enedelia to get up and get on the pot (a white plastic pail in this case). In the right photo, Enedelia is just about to sit down on the pail and relieve herself. What a calm mama! Just as she finishes going, she says that she feels like pushing. Enedelia gets back on the bed and she starts pushing. Things are now moving along very fast. Below her birth unfolds.

Left, this is the first push after Enedelia gets back on her bed. Right, the next push brings the baby further down.

Left, the next push births the head. Before the next contraction comes, this hardy little one starts breathing and cries a bit while still inside Enedelia! A rare event indeed, I have only seen this 3 times in 6½ years and almost 450 births! Right, the little girl is out and on her mommy's tummy at 7:25 PM.

A bit later, after we have cleaned up Enedelia and the 3.0 Kg. baby girl, they get to know each other for the first time outside the womb. What a great birth! #450.

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