Erika's first homebirth

Above is Erika, 19, G2, EDD 4/25/05. Erika had her first child in a hospital, but she didn't like her hospital experience, so she wants to have this baby at home. This baby was coming Breech but about 4 weeks before her labor started, the baby turned head down. Erika and her husband are very poor, but they come from southern Mexico where women have a great trust in normal birth.

Above, Erika is about 4 cm. dilated in this photo and everything is ready for the birth. She is Sooooooooo calm!

Left, one hour after the photo above was taken, the birth has started. Erika calmly pushes out her child. Right, Erika is waiting for the final contraction to birth her baby. I did not notice until I got these photos back from processing that Erika had her hands behind her head as she births her second child! Erika definitely gets my vote for being the calmest women that I have cared for recently. Erika's mother in law is making breakfast less then 10 feet away and doesn't know that Erika is having her baby! I call out to Erika's mother in law, "Come help with the newborn!" She drops what she is doing and pushes back the sheet that has been temporarily put up for Erika's birth area and see's that Erika has just quietly birthed her baby. "Oh My! She says. "I didn't hear a thing". I hand the newborn to her and she cleans and dresses him.

Left, Erika cradles her new daughter, born at 10:32 AM, 4/10/05. Right, Erika nurses her 3.25 Kg. daughter for the first time, about 25 minutes after the birth. What a fantastically calm women! #404.


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