Evelia's First Birth

A while back, the women who ran my pharmacy told me about a young girl almost 8 months along with her first child who wanted my help. The next Saturday, I went by her place. She said that the girl's name was Evelia, and the only thing that she knew about this girl is that she lived somewhere above her house. She also said that she had heard that this girl lived close to the Gallo Market. I found the market, but the young kid at the market knew nothing about a girl named Evelia or about any pregnant girls living close, so I gave up. Sunday at 4 AM, a guy calls and says that Evelia is "feeling bad", can I come and check her. "OK" I told him, "I will be there in 2 hours". He told me that they would be waiting in front of Gloria's place, but when I arrived there, no one was there. I drove up to the area where the market was and her boy friend flagged me down. I met Evelia, a very thin, light skinned 17 year old girl who was almost 36 weeks along with her first child. Evelia was quite nervous, but she calmed down after we talked for a bit. Evelia was having contractions but was not dilating, so I told them that this was most likely just some monthly hormones causing her contractions. Evelia had a recent ultrasound, giving a due date of 1/25/05. I did a sign-up, and calculated her due date, 1/10/05. Although Evelia was having mild contractions, I felt that they would soon stop. Evelia's baby felt small, and she only measured 30 cm. I told them about what we needed for the birth, how I did them, etc. and gave Evelia my flier with my phone #'s. I left and crossed the border and returned home. At 4 PM, Evelia's mother called and said that Evelia was now having very hard contractions. I immediately left for Tijuana. Below, Evelia's first birth unfolds.

Left Photo, I arrived at 6 PM, and Evelia was then 5 cm. dilated. Even though Evelia is only 36 Weeks (8 months), this baby did not want to wait any longer to be born. Evelia was quite nervous and scared and was saying "I can't stand the pain". I took her hand and talked to Evelia about what was happening, and told her that everything was going well. After a bit, Evelia calmed down, and then she was supporting her contractions well. It had taken Evelia about 12 hours to get to 5 cm. dilation, so I told her mom to heat some water, as I thought that this was a good time to do an enema. This helped Evelia a lot, and and when Evelia came back from the bathroom, I could tell that she was having much harder contractions. I checked her and she was then 10 cm. dilated. Very soon Evelia was getting the urge to push. Right photo, the baby's head was visible.

Left, Evelia has birthed the head and rotation has taken place. Right, a couple of minutes later, Evelia pushes again and at 7:08 PM Evelia gives birth to her first child, a 2.6 Kg. girl.

A truly beautiful moment as Evelia's mother helps dress her new grandchild. Evelia began to cry as she looked at her newborn. A few moments later, Evelia nurses her new daughter for the first time.

A happy new mom and another who chose to go against the "norm" of a hospital birth and a possible cesarean. I am sure that Evelia is now very proud of herself for choosing to have a home birth. Now Evelia knows that she is capable of giving birth normally.


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