A Face up Birth

A difficult birth for this strong women.

Above left is Erika, 28, and me one day after the birth of her 5th. child. We are showing off her new 4.35 Kg. (9 Lbs. 9 Oz.) daughter, a BIG baby to be born face up!. Erika had her last baby in a clinic, but her first 3 were born with a Midwife, so when she found out that she was expecting again, she contacted me as she did not want to have another birth in a clinic. Erika's previous births had been rather fast and Erika has a very ample pelvis so we expected this one to be the same. NOT so, her labor for this one dragged on for many hours (right photo). When the baby finally made it's appearance, I instantly knew why. Erika didn't want any birth photos, but I got her permission for the one below, because we don't see many face up births.

As you can see in the Left photo, this little one has had a difficult trip. Her face is bruised and a bit swollen from passing below Erika's pelvic bone. Williams Obstetrics, the bible of Obstetrics reports that a face up presentation occurs at a .5% rate or one in 200 deliveries. I have had only one other such birth. Although this was a much longer labor for Erika (17 instead of her usual 2-4 hours), she was still happy that she didn't have to have a Cesarean. Right, this photo taken 2 years later, shows this little face up girl, now 2, standing on a table so that she can touch her mommy's tummy, as Erika is a few weeks away from having her 6th. child. I think that most would agree that a face up presentation would be a good reason for a Cesarean in many US Obstetrical practices.


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