A young girl's first birth

Left. I met this young girl when she was 3 months along with her first child. She always impressed me with her calmness and maturity. I always ask all of my patients "Are you scared to have your baby at home?" A simple and quiet "No" was her answer. Center. This photo of her showing off her pretty tummy was taken one day before she went into labor. Right. She is walking during early labor. WARNING, THE NEXT PHOTOS ARE VERY GRAPHICAL! Only with the gracious permission of this proud couple, are you able to see this special moment in their lives.

The birth has started. She has rather tight muscles, so this crowning process took about 20 minutes. Her husband applies fundal pressure, which is quite popular in Mexico. This baby was a bit Asynclitic, as you can see a mild caput on the right side of her head.

Left. She reaches down to touch the head of her newborn, as she waits for the next contraction. Right. It's a girl! Her husband hugs her, as he looks at his new daughter.

The happy and proud couple show off their new 3.55 Kg. daughter.

It was a joy to have helped this very young couple to have this beautiful home birth.

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