While most of my Mexican moms prefer to birth on their backs, and in their beds, some of my moms from the Southern States of Mexico prefer to birth on the floor. I am sure that this position for a birth has been used by most all human groups ever since there have been human births. There are 2 basic forms of this type of birth position, one is where the mom faces you, and the other is when she has her back towards you. This mom choose the latter. My first introduction to this birthing position was 4 years ago, when I had a tiny indian mom having a breech birth in a poorly lit one room shack. This 22 year old Riverbed mom is in labor with her second child. Her first birth was in a Tijuana Hospital, and by the way she reacted when her contractions became quite painful, she must have had a very traumatic labor. She struggled with control, but with our help, she managed to maintain herself mostly in control as she went through transition. This house no longer exists! See The Riverbed Fire


Her labor has started and as you can see, she is having a strong contraction right now.

The birth has started. I show a tiny view of the baby's head to the father of the baby. He is taking the photos. They have put a clean blanket on the dirt floor. About 15 minutes later, the baby's head is out.

The baby has rotated, and most of the shoulders have birthed. The mom is pushing to birth the rest of the baby's body. In the right photo, I have the 3.25 Kg. girl in my hand, as she takes her first cry. Because of the December late night cold conditions in this unheated riverbed shack, we wrapped up the newborn girl and put her and her mom in bed to preserve their warmth.


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