Guadalupe's home births

Above is Guadalupe, 19, and she is expecting her second child. Guadalupe is posing with her husband and 2 year old daughter. Guadalupe had her first baby with me on the bed in the background and Guadalupe's husband was my helper. They plan to do the next birth the same way. Below is Guadalupe's birth story.

Guadalupe called me at 6 AM, 5/13/05. Because of Friday morning rush hour traffic, it took me more then 3 hours to get there. Guadalupe's husband called about 7:30 and asked "How long before you are going to arrive? Guadalupe is now having much harder contractions!". "There is a lot of traffic, I will be there as soon as I can, but it will probably still take me at least another hour. Go to my house and get my helper, Augustine" I told him. That way they would have someone with them, and they would feel more secure. When I finally arrived at Guadalupe's place, right away I noticed that I did not see Augustine's car out front. I ran up to the door and yelled inside, "Guadalupe!" I assumed that Guadalupe was close to delivering, so maybe they had decided to take her to my house, which was about 4 blocks away. To my surprise, her husband said "She is in here, come on in". Then I was really confused. Why wasn't Augustine here? I asked them if they called Augustine. Guadalupe looked at me and said "No, I trust you and I want you to deliver my baby" "OK" I said. Guadalupe had told me before when she met Augustine that she felt close to me and didn't want Augustine to deliver her baby. So I said to Guadalupe, "Augustine has come a long ways to get experience, is it OK with you if she just comes over?" "OK" said Guadalupe, looking me straight in the my eyes "But you know that I want you to do my birth" I left it at that. Guadalupe was 2 cm. dilated when I checked her.

Above is a photo of Guadalupe about 30 minutes after my arrival. She has just been shaved and given an enema, a procedure that is still done in Mexico to help insure that this birth is as clean as possible. Guadalupe calmly holds in the 2 quarts of warn water from the enema as she poses for this photo. After holding in the water a few minutes more Guadalupe gets up and goes to the "bathroom", a 5 gallon white plastic pail a few feet from her bed. After voiding the water from the enema and a fair amount of poop, Guadalupe gets up off the pail and begins to walk in her bedroom. Soon, Guadalupe is having very hard contractions, a common reaction to the enema, so I check her. She is now 6 cm. and progressing very fast, so I tell Guadalupe's husband to go get my apprentice. Just a few minutes after he leaves, Guadalupe says "I need to push". Guadalupe lays down and she is 9 cm! and the baby's head is very low. Although my house is only 5 blocks away, I wonder if Guadalupe's husband and my apprentice will be back in time to witness this birth.

A few minutes after Guadalupe lays down on her bed, I can see the baby's head. I apply a bit of Iodine around the vaginal area, the last part of the "prep"so that Guadalupe will feel as clean as possible. Here I am once again with people who want birth photos and NO helpers, so as I have done in the past, I have my right hand ready to catch the baby as I take these photos with my left hand. This baby does not want to wait for no one! Where is Guadalupe's husband and my apprentice? They are going to miss this birth!

Look at Guadalupe, she is so awesome. Calm and just doing what she has to, to birth her baby. Above, she waits for the next contraction. Suddenly, I hear Augustine and Guadalupe's husband come into the room. I yell to Augustine "Get over here now, or you are going to miss this catch!"

I move over just a bit, to Guadalupe's right side, so that she won't feel that I am abandoning her as Augustine moves into my previous position, just in time to catch the baby as he makes his final exit at 10:02 AM, 50 minutes after my arrival! The baby has it's cord around it's shoulder!

We lay Guadalupe's newborn on her stomach so she can see her first son. A few minutes later, we tie and cut the cord and then clean him up and weigh and measure him. 3.15 Kg., (6 lbs. 15 oz) almost the identical weight of her daughter when she was born. Guadalupe's husband is behind me and crying as he see's that his wife and child are OK.

Here the family poses for a photo together about 25 minutes after the birth. Guadalupe never wavered for a moment with her commitment to birth this child at home and with her family. What a beautiful and calm women. #412


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