My April 2007 trip to the Philippines

This photo was taken at the house where Jelim lives and here are 4 generations in this family. From Left, Verona, Lolita, Jelim and Rita Maria. After my arrival, we stayed here for a few days, but our main objective for this trip is to go to Manila, a BIG city of 33 million people to get to know the area around the United States consulate, so that when we go there later in the year, we will not get lost.

In the background, is the entrance to Fort San Santiago. This fort was built by the Spanish in 1570 to guard the entrance to at the mouth of the Pasig River, and important port for the city.

Here are 2 more Photos of the grounds of Fort San Santiago in Manila. Jelim's Grandmother Verona is with us. We stayed in Manila for a couple of days more, to discover the location of economical hotels and shops for our next trip here, because our next trip to Manila would be to get Jelim's Visa at the US Consulate.

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