Our Trip to Calico, California

Calico is a ghost town located 3 miles past Barstow, just north of the I15 Freeway. Giant letters spelling CALICO can be seen on the Calico Mountains above Calico, so this place is easy to find. Calico started in 1881 as a silver mining town, today it is a county park.

At its height, Calico boasted a population of 1,200 people, and over 500 silver mines. Now the town is populated by no more than 12 people, and it's mines are inactive.

Left, is a photo of Lucy Bell Lane's house. Lucy passed away in 1960 and she was the last original inhabitant of Calico. Lucy's house remains as the main museum in town. In 1951, Walter Knott, founder of Knott's Berry Farm, purchased the town and began restoring it to its original condition referencing old photographs. Right, is an 1880 photo of the original town site.

In this photo, Jelim and Mity are standing in front of the path to Calico's famous bottle house (the house in the background with a green front (the bottle ends))

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