Our first US trip together

On our way to the Grand Canyon, we stopped and camped overnight here in Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona. It's a beautiful place with a flowing stream and lots of tall trees in a narrow canyon. This photo shows Jelim preparing dinner. We left the next day and drove to the Grand Canyon.

Here we are, standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon. It's more then 5000' (1500 meters) to the bottom at this spot. The next photo says it all!

The Colorado River has carved away over a million years of layered history! Words cannot describe this place!

In the background, is the famous hoover dam. Although there are bigger dams today, it was the biggest in the world, when it was built in 1935, and it still looks impressive today! We are standing on the Arizona Side, and in the background is the California Side.

Now we are in Bodie, California. This was a Gold Mining town, originally built about 1870. The last time it was occupied has in 1935. This town was donated to the state of California in 1960, so that it would be preserved for future generations to see. Jelim is looking into the main dining room of the Bodie Hotel.

Here I am standing in front of the Bodie Mine's processing plant. It's been a LONG time since any processing was done here!

Here, Jelim poses for a photo in front of one of Bodie's Churches. I think that the people from Jelim's church should come and fix this place up, and get a congregation together for this sad and lonely place!

Our next stop is Yosemite, California. Yosemite is 761,266 acres of exquisite beauty. It has been a US park since 1890. Here Jelim and Mity stop to enjoy the beauty of this super clear river. To the left is.....

this huge rock mountain. Can you see the climbers on it's side?

Our next and last stop was here, at San Simian, California, where Mr. Randolph Hurst built his famous Castle. Our Camera was not working when we arrived here, so these photos are from the Hurst Castle web site.

This indoor pool Mr. Randolph Hurst spent millions of dollars on.

Mr. Randolph Hurst probably spent millions on this one also. So, after this, we went home.

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