Mity's 3rd. Birthday!

Today is 2/13/08, Mity's Birthday. She is 3 years old

Here, Jelim is writing Mity's name on the side of her Birthday cake.

Jelim continues to write on Mity's Birthday cake as Mity watches. The Wow Wow Wee program from the Philippines plays on the TV/Computer monitor.

Almost done!

We are singing the "Happy Birthday" song to Mity. Mity is sad, because she wanted to blow out the candles, but Jelim told her to wait until we finish singing.

Now, Mity is happy and she is blowing out the candles. Only one to go.

Here, I set the timer on my camera, so that we can have a photo of us together. Jelim is almost 6 months along and showing some. Her pregnancy has been perfect. We are very happy.

Jerry, Jelim & Mity

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