My Baptism

It has been 13 months sense I started going to the Iglecia ni Cristo Church. Finally, my time has come!

On Saturday, June 2, I was directed to go to the main Los Angeles Iglecia ni Cristo Church.

It's about 10:30 AM, and we have been to the changing room and gotten our White Baptism robes. We are waiting to be called into the Chapel. I'm praying that everything will go well.

This is a bad photo, probably by someone who doesn't know how to use a camera well. It's about 12:15 PM and I am in the water, waiting to be immersed.

Here I am, just outside the Chapel, just after the final prayers. I am very happy now, because I'm now a member of Iglecia ni Cristo Church. Now I have a chance for salvation when the day of judgment comes.


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