Our Wedding

Page 1-Preparing to leave for the church

Well, things are underway. It is September 1, 2007, the day of our wedding. The photographer has arrived at our place and wants to take some photos. We are not too happy with this idea, because we had ONLY 30 minutes to complete our preparations, and with him inside our tiny little place, it was certainly going to complicate things. But we somehow managed.

Here, Jelim is putting on her shoes, and our photographer catches the moment.

In this photo, Jelim helps me with the cufflinks for my shirt. We are having record breaking heat, about 105°F. outside and it is quite warm in our little place.

Here, Jelim poses for a photo just before we get into our car. We had hired a limousine to take us to the church, but the limousine has not arrived and it was time to go to the church, so we had to take my old 89 Chevrolet Celebrity. I had just washed my car about an hour earlier, and so it was a good thing when we realized that the limousine was not going to be here on time.

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