Jelim's Pregnancy

Here, Jelim poses in the Kitchen area of our little trailer. These photos were taken December 20.

Jelim is now about 20 weeks along or 4 months. With this side view, her pregnancy is starting to show. She measures 30/28/31.

They are both adapting to the climate and American food and our way of life, Although Mity is of course, is adapting much faster then Jelim.

So, on this day, I talked Jelim into letting me take some photos of her tummy.

Jelim is now about 5½ months along. She now measures 31/31/32.

She is happy that she is carrying my child. If I have calculated things correctly, she is due to give birth about 5/24/08.

Here, we pose in our little house trailer. Jelim is now 30 weeks along.

The next day, we go to a local amusement park. Here Jelim & Mity pose in front of a small pond.

At the amusement park, Jelim weighs herself on this 25 cent scale. It says that she weighs 72 Lbs! I know that she is a very small person, but I suspect that this scale is giving low readings, because Jelim weighed about 70 before she got pregnant!

Later the same day, we had an ultrasound scan done. Today, Jelim is exactly 30 weeks along with this pregnancy. I wanted an ultrasound because I was worried about the fact that I was always feeling the baby's kicks out in front, which made me think that possibly this child would be coming face up. A face up birth is MUCH more difficult then the normal way, which is face down. The ultrasound tek told us that the baby is facing toward Jelim's left hip, and that should allow the baby's head to rotate face down during the birth. I sure hope so! As you can see on the ultrasound photo, AC is 237mm., the EFW is 1.09 Kg., GA is 27w 6d, EDD is 5/25/08. So, you are probably wondering, what does all of these numbers mean.

AC = I don't know about that one, maybe head diameter.

Estimated Fetal Weight = 1.09 Kg. (2.4 Lbs) That is bigger then Jelim's birth weight of .999Kg. but much less then her Daughter's birth weight of 2.4Kg.

Gestational Age, (Estimated by the ultrasound) is 27w 6d. Jelim's actual pregnancy is 30 weeks exactly on this date. The discrepancy is most likely that these machines are calibrated to estimate the Gestational Age of Caucasian babies, which are larger then babies of Asian women, and Jelim is one of the smallest that you will see, so I don't put any faith in this measurement.

Estimated Delivery Date is 5/25/08. That is 41 weeks after her LMP (Last Menstrual Period) of 7/18/07. The ultrasound estimated Jelim's EDD as 6/5/08, but I'm sure that date is also in error, because it is based on the ultrasounds Estimated Gestational Age which is off because Jelim has small babies.

On this Day, Jelim is officially 7 months along with her pregnancy.

Here she poses showing her tummy.

Jelim now measures 32-33½-33.

Here, Jelim is talking to her Aunt in the Philippines.

Except for Jelim's constipation problem, she and the baby are doing perfect. The baby still feels small, a good sign that she will be able to deliver this child normally.

In these photos, the date is wrong, it is actually 5/10/08. Jelim is preparing some food for us. She is wearing one of my favorite tops, which shows her tummy well.

Jelim shows off her latest creation, a little booty that she hand knitted for our soon to arrive daughter.

This baby is apparently much larger then Mity, because Jelim had only a few white stretch marks from her, but this baby is giving Jelim many, many, more dark stretch marks! She measures 32/34/33.

Here is the final Pregnancy photo of Jelim. She now measures 32/35/33. She started leaking water about 8 AM on this day, and she is about 3 hours away from starting labor. Labor started with a bang at 7 PM and at 9:06 PM, she gave birth to a 6 Lb. 3 Oz. girl with 2 pushes.

Here we are 2 days after the birth. We are all fine and the baby is breast feeding well.


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