Jelim's first time in the Snow

Jelim is still in the car, because she knows how cold it is outside. Finally she gets gets her coat on and gloves on herself and Mity and prepares to get out of the warm car.

Here, Jelim gets to see snow and feel the cold air for the first time. This place is only about 1 hour drive from our house, but the elevation is 5000 feet (1522 Meters) so it is much colder then where we live. This mountain is over 8000 feet high at it's highest place, so it is much colder at the top then here!

So, I tell Jelim to give me Mity, so that Jelim can take a photo of us. It is snowing very lightly at this moment.

Before I leave, I took this photo in another place to show how it looks when it is snowing. When it snows hard, you can see nothing but white, and some people get temporary snow blindness from the intense white of everything!

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