Julia's and Riena's home births

Julia and Riena are sister in laws and they live together in the same Riverbed house. They have had all their babies with me and I feel proud to have helped them. As you can probably see, this family is very poor financially, but rich with their faith in their own birthing ability.

Above, right, Julia is in labor and having her first home birth. Just outside her bedroom is the scene below.

The left photo was taken during a recent rain when the front of Julia and Riena's house was flooded. Their front door is about 15 feet below the dog. Right photo, Outside Julia's and Riena's riverbed house is this filthy water flowing from a sewer pipe about 15 feet away from their house. About 2 years later, we are together again.

Left, Julia is a very small person. Look at the size of her arms compared to mine. Right, Julia is in labor and her baby feels quite BIG. I worry that this birth will be very difficult for Julia.

Left, the birth has started. Right, WOW, look at the size of this baby's head! Amazing!

A few minutes after the birth of Julia's 3.7 Kg. (8 Lb. 1 oz.) daughter, we pose together.

Another year has passed and we are together again. Above left is a recent photo of Julia and her children taken the night that Riena was in labor. Right, Riena is walking in labor and Julia is going to be my helper.

Riena's birth has started and the baby's head has become visible. One of Reina's sister in law's is taking the photos as another holds her hand. As this birth progresses, I can hear the filthy water flowing out of the sewer pipe outside.

Left photo, the baby's head is out and we wait for the next contraction. I check to see if there is any cord around the neck and discover that the baby has it's right hand up by it's neck. Right photo, you can see the baby's hand coming out as Reina pushes for the final time.

No doubt about it, this is a boy, and he appears to be well hung! Reina's husband is a big guy and about twice her size. Right, Reina cries with the emotions that typically come out right after the birth as her sister in law holds her hand. A bit later, we weigh this not so little one, 3.5 Kg. (7 Lbs.11 oz.) born at 5:49 PM, 1/26/05. A big baby for this small build women. #395

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