A loop of Cord

This 33 year old women with 4 children was recommended to me from someone that I had done a birth for. She had birthed all her other babies in clinics or hospitals vaginally, so she decided that it was time to try a homebirth. She had an ultrasound a 32 weeks which revealed that the baby had a loop of cord around it's neck. In some parts of the world, including places in the US and parts of Mexico, a women found with this condition is automatically referred for a cesarean. Williams Obstetrics, the bible of Obstetrics reports that a loop or more occurs in about 1 in 4 deliveries, so this has always been a common occurrence.

Above left is Soledad standing in front of her modest concrete home with 2 of her smaller children. Right, the birth has started, and Soledad calmly pushes out her 5th. child.

Left photo, the head is out and the body is rotating. We are waiting for the next contraction. Right, the contraction has arrived, and Soledad does her last push. The loop of cord is quite visible, and as soon as the baby is a bit further out, I remove the loop of cord. I have had a few cases where the cord was so short, that I had to hold the baby very close to the mom's leg to un loop the cord. Had one with 2½ loops, and for that one, I had to cut the cord while still around the baby's neck. It appears that I am pulling on this newborn, but I am merely supporting him as Soledad pushes him out.

A bit later, Soledad poses with her cousin and other children. Soledad's cousin took the birth photos and helped with the birth. As with a lot of my Mexican moms, birthing with her children nearby was very important to Soledad, and heavily influenced her decision for this homebirth.


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