Above left is Maria Guadalupe (Lupita), 16, standing outside her one room house. Lupita had the baby that she is holding at home with me last June and even though her labor was long and she pushed for 4 hours, she is afraid of hospitals and wants to have this baby at home. Center, Lupita's 16 month old daughter seems to know that something very important is in her tummy. Right, Lupita has been in labor about 5 hours and is fully dilated. Lupita calmly sits on her "toilet" in her dirt floor house as her baby moves down. The front door is open in the background, but it does not bother this super calm young women. Lupita closes her eyes between contractions and goes into a deep sleep. About 30 minutes after the right photo was taken, Lupita feels her baby coming so she gets on her bed. Below Lupita's second birth unfolds.

Left, the head of Lupita's second child has become visible. Right, the head is crowning. This is the same bed, in the same house as her daughter was born in 16 months before. My little fluorescent flashlight helps illuminate the area, because Lupita's house has only one small bulb about 7 feet from her bed. This light helps the auto focus work in my camera. As with Lupita's first birth, she doesn't want anyone from her family to see her birth, so her husband and mother wait outside. Because there is no one to help take these photos, I take them with my left hand.

It wasn't until I looked at these photos that it became clear to me that Lupita's baby was coming almost face up. In the right photo above these, the face is in a one o'clock position. Left photo, Lupita's baby has turned a bit and is now in a two o'clock position. After another push, the head has birthed and Lupita's baby has turned a bit more and is now in a four o'clock position. Lupita pushes a couple of more times, but the baby doesn't progress. It's shoulder is stuck under her pelvic bone. This can be bad news for the baby and mom, but our first line of help is to pull the moms legs almost back to her face to create more room. That did the trick in this case, as this was just a mild form of shoulder dystocia.

Left, you can now see a bit of the baby's shoulder and the danger is past. Still, Lupita needs to push one more time hard, as this is a BIG baby for this little women. Right, Lupita cries and cries as she looks at her first son born at 12:18 PM, 10/11/05 and weighing 3.9 Kg. (8 Lbs.9 oz.) She now realizes that everything is OK. Oh, how I love this moment! #445.

A bit later, we pose for this photo. Even in these primitive conditions, CONFIDENCE is what is important, and Lupita has plenty of it.

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