Mary & Jerry

Chapter Zero

Our first days together!

I was initially attracted to Mary's looks (Like most Males!), But getting her to respond to my initial emails proved impossible. Finally she replied with a HARD line Saying "I will talk with you next Sunday, IF I HAVE TIME!" WOW, I thought, this girl is a really hard Ass! Mary did talk to me that next Sunday, But I could see that it was going to be hard to get to know her! I was thinking then that she had set such high standards for the male in her life, that I would never meet them! After more internet talks, Mary seemed to be interested in meeting. After more talks & plan making, I bought Tickets for Mary & I for August 28, 2013, to meet in Manila. Jerry


Every person has their own desires and dreams in life. For me, one of my dreams is to marry an old foreign man whom I spend the rest of my life with. I want a man who is proud to have me in his life.

I know that I am still young but I can handle this kind of a situation and responsibility. Maybe people think that I need to have more experience in love life before I will start seeking my future husband. I am a kind of a girl who is tough at first. Most people say that I am difficult to know when they first meet me. But later, after they have known me for a awhile, they figure out "How lucky they are to be one of my friends".

The photo below is an example of my DREAM to have a happy family together.

I am Mary Joy Decenilla, and here is the story of my DREAM MAN!

After a couple of weeks talking online, finally I meet Jerry on August 28, 2013 at NAIA Terminal 2. When I was walking out of the Airport I saw him watching the people passing by. He was wearing a yellow polo shirt and black pants! He carried his two bags (red & pink). I get close to Jerry and I hug and kiss him. He hugged and kissed me back! From the Airport we ride a taxi going to our hotel in Paco which is called the "Garden Plaza Hotel". We spend four days on this old but yet elegant hotel. Below is our first photo together inside our room.

As Mary says, we meet at the airport, & have a long passonate hug & kiss! We take a taxi to the Garden Plaza Hotel in Paco, Manila where I have made reservations for 4 nights. Things go well for a few hours, but by evening on the first day, I have had it with Mary's Dominate personality. I tell Mary that I will be leaving tomorrow morning to find someone else. That got her attension! Mary asks "What can I do to keep you here?" I tell her "There is only one boss in my family, & that person is ME! If you want to be my girl friend, you will have to be submissive to me." Mary thinks about this for a bit, & then tells me "I can do that!". The next day things were much better! Jerry

We're having a good and loving time together in Manila. We visit some historical places such as the Paco Park Cemetery, Luneta Park and the Manila Ocean Park.

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