Mary & Jerry

Chapter One

After our first meeting!

After our 4 day stay at the Garden View Hotel in Paco, Manila, Jerry and I decided to go to Tacloban where she was studying at my College and Vocational School. On September 2, 2013 we started our new journey together. We flew to Tacloban on a Cebu Pacific plane.

Above is the photo of Jerry while we are on board the Cebu Pacific Airplane bound to Tacloban. And below is the photo of him when we arrived at the Tacloban Airport.

I took this photo of him while waiting for our luggage.

From the Airport we ride a Jeep going to the La Rica Hotel. We stayed for 5 days & Everything goes perfectly! We're having lots of fun together. Now it is time to go visit my mom's place in Calinao, Hinunangan Southern Leyte.

On September 7, 2013 we ride a Van from Tacloban going to Hinunangan together with my sister and some of my friends.

My friend Jocelyn took this photo of us inside the Van while we are waiting for my friend Charina. Now it is time for us to take another journey together with Jerry. We are having fun while we are in our way going to my place. Time passed by very quick! After three hours drive from Tacloban, finally we reach safe in Barangay Tambis 1, St. Bernard Southern Leyte where my cousin Marjerick waited for us to arrived!

My sister took this photo uf us when we arrived in Tambis 1, and below is the photo of my Sister and my friend Marvin.

After taking pictures of this place we are now ready to take an adventure in my cousin's old Jeep.

I am worried about Jerry because the road going to Calinao is bumpy and the seat of my cousin's car is wood and no foam! I am thankful Jerry is very adaptable. Like me, Jerry loves adventure too! From this place it is still one hour drive going to Barangay Calinao.

When we arrived in Calinao. We stay in my Uncle Eric's house for three days. Jerry meets my mom and my relatives. In our first day in Calinao we just take a rest for a few minutes and ride my cousin's Jeep again going to Hindag-an Falls about 1½ hours drive to get there.

Hindag-an public falls is such a nice place to go! It has an amazing and fantastic view. The water is so cold but then I still feel warm because of the loving kisses and warm embraces of my boyfriend Jerry! Below is some of our loving moments together in this fantastic falls.

While we are still in Calinao, I accompany Jerry to the Jungle where my dad plants coconuts and rice!

Our short Vacation in my place is over but before we leave and go back to Hinunangan, Jerry and I climb this mountain where we can see the whole Barangay of Calinao.

I didn't expect that Jerry could do this! Wow.. I adore you my love!

This the view from the mountain of my Barangay.

Together with my mom and some of my relatives we continue our trip going to Hinunangan.

My cousin brought us to the beautiful M/V Morgan Elizabeth Hotel in Tahusan, Hinunangan Southern Leyte.

We stay at this hotel for one night only because of it's high cost!

This is a beautiful place!

We deepen our love in this place!

From this Hotel we ride a Van going to the Tia Pacificia Hotel in downtown Hinunangan. We stayed for a couple of days in this Hotel and had fun being together and going to places in Hinunangan.


Below is the photo of us in Tia Pacificia Hotel and the park in Hinunagan.

The Hinunagan park.


September 14, 2013, Jerry and I went to Cebu. We stayed there for 3 days in Cebu View Tourist Inn. We both know that our time together is getting over because he needs to go back to California and I need to go back to Tacloban too. But yet we still happy and enjoying our moments together.

On September 17, 2013, 8:25 AM Jerry flew to Manila so he will not miss his flight going to back to California. That same day I went back to Tacloban! My 20 days together with Jerry is over! But yet our communication is still the same. We talked everyday in Yahoo Messenger or Skype. Even though we still communicate, I miss him so much! I've never felt this way before.

I am looking forward to be with him again this coming Nov. 26, 2013.


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