Margarita's VBA2C Birth

Above is Margarita, 23, G3, EDD 6/2/05, VBA2C. Margarita has had 2 cesareans and does NOT want another one. When I asked Margarita why she got the first cesarean, she said it was because there was an earthquake!!!!! I have heard many lame reasons for women getting a cesarean, but this is the strangest reason that I have heard of so far! I did not go any further with this line of questioning, as what difference would it make. The important part is that Margarita wants to birth normally. After checking Margarita thoroughly, I told her that her baby was in a great position, her cesarean scar felt normal and her pelvis was definitely adequate. Margarita and her family were jumping for joy when they heard this news. On a recent prenatal visit, Margarita tearfully told me that her husband had recently abandoned her and that she had no money to pay me. I told her that I would do her birth for free if she supported her pains well. Below her first normal birth unfolds, and this time, she is with her family.

Margarita called me about 8 AM. I arrived about 10:30 and Margarita was then 2 cm dilated. Margarita was walking around her community and continued to do so for the next 6 hours as she dilated. About 5 PM, Margarita was having very hard contractions and was fully dilated so she got on the bed. Left, you can just see the baby's head as Margarita pushes. Right, the baby's head is crowning and Margarita is very happy to come this far as she had a lot of doubts whether or not she could birth normally. Margarita has been very calm. Her cesarean scar is very visible.

Left, the head is out and Margarita says "I need to push!" Right, about 30 minutes after the birth, Margarita cuddles her newborn 3.45 Kg. son, born at 3:48 PM, 6/14/05. What a fantastic women! #419


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