Mariela's first baby

Above is Mariela, 18, G1, EDD 11/18/05. Left, Mariela is posing with my past apprentice Lynn from S. Carolina. Mariela is another young women who is afraid of a hospital birth because of the negative stories from her girl friends who have their babies in Tijuana hospitals. With the encouragement from her mother in law who had all of her children at home, Mariela has chosen to have this baby at home and with her family. For 7 days, Mariela has been having mild contractions. Her mother in law has been constantly talking to Mariela, to not let her loose her confidence because she is now 2 weeks over due. This Saturday, when I went to visit Mariela, Mariela had been having progressively harder contractions and when I checked her, (right photo) I found that Mariela was 4 cm dilated. I told her that "Mariela, today is the day for your baby" She was happy to hear that she was making progress after being in mild labor for so many days. 3 hours later, she is complete and pushing. Below the birth of Mariela's first child unfolds.

Left, the baby's head is starting to crown. About 30 minutes before the left photo was taken, Mariela was saying "I can't do it!" but we keep telling her that she is making progress. Right, the head is born and we wait for the next contraction. It is not hard to see that the reason that this baby was descending slowly, is because she was not coming straight. Look at that Caput on the left side of her head!

Left, the baby has rotated a bit more as we wait for the next contraction. Right, Mariela pushes for the final time. We definitely got a big loop of cord around this little one's neck! Many women get cesareans when Doc's see this on a ultrasound!

Left, the baby is almost all the way out. I have slipped down the cord to permit the baby to move further out. Right, Mariela's mother in law has cleaned up the 3.6 Kg. girl, born at 7:50 PM, 12/3/05. This women is THE reason that Mariela had faith and confidence that she could have her first child at home. No matter if a women is having her first or tenth baby, once she experiences the superiority and comfort of a home birth, few will ever have a hospital birth again. I am sure that I will be helping Mariela in a couple of years with her next child.

Above, Mariela and her newborn daughter get to know each other outside the womb. #456.

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