Nancy's first birth

Above is Nancy, 18, G1, EDD 5/16/05. Nancy is a small build girl who I think has an excellent chance of a normal birth, although in recent weeks, it has become obvious that her baby is quite big. Nancy's husband will be my birth helper.

Above, Nancy has started her labor. Nancy labors for more then a day before she is completely dilated. It is a long and tiring time for all of us.

Nancy has been completely dilated for about 2 hours and pushing. The baby's head is slightly visible when she pushes. Although I know that Nancy is rather tired at this point, I suggest that she gets up and walks for a while.

Nancy was walking, but she likes to squat when a contraction comes. We put a mirror under her so that she can see her progress. This helps bring the baby down and soon she is crowning and we move back to the bed.

The baby's head is finally visible after more then 40 hours of labor. It still takes Nancy about 40 minutes more of pushing to birth the head as she has very strong pelvic floor muscles.

Finally, the baby is making his appearance. We are all very happy.

Nancy pushes for the final time. Augustine, my current apprentice is making the catch as I oversee her work and take these photos.

Finally Nancy and her baby are together. This was a difficult birth, and Nancy pushed for almost 3 hours. The baby girl weighs 4.0 Kg. (8 lbs. 12 oz.) a BIG baby for this little women. Nancy is tired but happy, as she knows that most hospitals would not have the same patience as we did with her and she would have had a cesarean in most institutions. #413


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