Other Memories

These I shall always remember.

Above, The little one, #5 who I delivered about 1½ years ago, did NOT want to abandon her mom. But she IS running out of time, as her mommy is about 45 minutes away from giving birth to #6.

Above is a young in labor G3 VBAC amputee mom. About 3 hours later, she had her 1st. normal vaginal birth in her home on a remote dairy ranch.

The young girls in the photo above are sisters, and they both had their first babies in their home, within 3 days of each other. The one on the right recently had her 3rd. one with me.

Above is a beautiful family, who I have delivered the most babies. I first met the mom in the black sweater, white pants, when she was expecting her second while she was shopping one day. I asked her if she had insurance. None was her answer. "Where will you give birth to this baby?"" In the Tijuana General Hospital." So I told her that I was a Midwife, and she invited me to her house. After a brief talk with her family, I was doing her prenatal care. After her birth, her sister in law became Pg. with her first. (Right of her, White shirt). A bit later, I had another sister in law, (In front, knelling, black sweater) Pg with her first. A few months later, I had their mom (Pink blouse), Her daughter (Blue shirt) a VBAC, and both of the first 2 moms. The young mom in front, knelling, black sweater just had another baby and I have done 2 for her husband sisters. 11 beautiful home births!

The photo above gets my vote for the most people waiting outside the birth bedroom, waiting to see the newborn. These people were knocking on the door, wanting to come in, but the mom didn't want them in her bedroom. So a bit after the birth, we handed the newborn out the door to this crowd of friends and family so that they could see the baby. I climbed up on a chair, and took this photo of this happy group. Another beautiful memory of mine.

And Finally, The mom above gets my vote for the poorest mom that I have ever attended. She had 4 girls, and soon gave birth to her 5th. There were 2 old mattresses, and one bare table inside. There was seldom any food in her house. The only thing that decorated the bare walls of this house made from old garage doors, were old car parts. The roofing material is an old blue tarp. The day that she gave birth, there wasn't even any water to clean her after the birth, or for her other children. I asked if she could call to her husband to borrow some water from a neighbor, but she said that they had a fight earlier in the day, and she did not want him close to her. I had noticed a bruise on her face, and she was trembling when I first arrived, so then I understood why. A very sad place.


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