Being overdue more then one week past your due date with most Obstetrical care givers will make them at the least nervous and most will start pressuring you to put you in the hospital ASAP and start an induction. What most women don't know is that if their cervix is not well effaced (thinned out) the resulting IV with Pitocin during their "induction" will have them soon begging for pain relief, because trying to force the cervix to dilate when it is not well effaced is Obstetrical torture and you will soon be begging for this torture to stop. This is how many cesareans occur. Your doctor is "banking" on this setup to result in a failure because he will make double the money in less then half the time if he does a cesarean. Below is the story of a young, first time girl who resisted friends and neighbors telling her that it is dangerous for her baby to go past her due date.

Left is a photo of Carmina, 16, EDD 6/11/05, when she was about 7 months along. When I first met Carmina, right away I was impressed with her confidence and her faith in her self. Right, it is now 6/18/05 and Carmina is very BIG and the talk of her neighborhood, but she has no labor pains. Carmina continues to have confidence in herself. She believes the reason that she still has no pains is because her baby is NOT ready to be born, so she continues to resists pressure to "Do something" from friends and neighbors.

Left, after 4 days of mild contractions, Carmina's labor has finally shifted into high gear and she is close to being 10 cm. dilated as she walks. Right, Carmina has started pushing, and her baby is moving down fast.

Left, the head is out and Carmina only needs to push one more time to have her baby out and in her arms, 16 days past her due date! Right, the next day, Carmina and her 3.7 Kg. (8 lb. 2 oz) baby girl are looking beautiful and radiant. What a fantastically confident young women!


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