The Female Pelvis

I think that most women assume that a Pelvic Exam is am important part of Obstetrical care, but, some may wonder what type of information a care giver gets during a Pelvic exam. If this is a first time exam, your caregiver will, among other things, be assessing the size and shape of your pelvis, because if you are pregnant, your child will soon be pushed through your pelvis. Below, the 4 Pelvic shapes.

So, the first thing that your caregiver is going to do, is to assess which type (Shape) is your Pelvis. The Gynecoid is by far the most common type of Pelvis that most women have. Even if a women has one of those 3 much rarer types of pelvises, because most women have very adequate pelvises, they will still still be able to give birth normally. If you happen to have a Platypelloid pelvis, chances are that your baby will enter the world looking at your leg, rather then looking down! Then, the baby will rotate 90 degrees and then he/she will come out ether looking down or up! I only had 1 mom in 500 births who birthed that way! Other first time pelvic assessments, your caregiver will measure or estimate the entrance & exit front to back space called the Obstetric conjugate (9 Cm. min) and the Sagittal pelvic outlet diameter (8.5 cm. min). The side to side pelvis space is called the Transverse diameter (9 Cm. min). Those measurements are rather conservative, & if your baby measures smaller then average, you should have an easy delivery.

If the women is in labor, there is a LOT more things to check!

So, there it is. A LOT of things for a knowledgeable & responsible Midwife to be responsible for. And, I did not mention anything about the health of the baby! If a Midwife accepts to care for a pregnant women, she/he is then LEGALLY responsible for 2 lives! I have been asked a few times to help a laboring women by phone or text. Reread the above & you can easily understand how impossible that is because I will be coaching a women with the possibility of only one input, Audio! I hope that I have made it super clear about a women on the phone or texting who after giving me some details asks me "How do you think I am doing?"