Reyna's first Birth

One night I received a call from a women that I did a birth for about 2 years ago. Norma told me that she had a neighbor who was 9 months along and having some "pains". "Who is this person" I asked Norma. Norma said that her name was Reyna and that Reyna was 21 and pregnant with her fist child. Norma said that she had told Reyna about me and that Reyna's wants you to come and care for her. She is having some pains now, can you come and check her. "OK" I said. "I will be there in about 2 hours. I changed and left for Tijuana. In hospitals, it is rare for the staff to know the patient who just walked through their doors, as the patient automatically puts a blind faith in the hospital and it's staff. With Midwifery care, it is a one on one care. We meet the women that we are going to care for usually many months before their birth. The new mom has made a choice for my care based on what another women has told them about my care. As the time goes by, a bond and trust will be established between her and me. So for Reyna, I would have to make that bond and get her trust in a very short time. I do not advertise in Tijuana, so ALL of my moms come from recommendations from previous homebirth moms.

Left is Reyna, a couple of hours after we first met. Reyna is tall and thin, and she is calmly walking as her contractions open her cervix. Middle, the birth has started. Reyna is pushing, with the aid of fundal pressure being applied by another neighbor women. Right, the baby's head is almost out.

Left, I placed the baby on Reyna's tummy so that she can see and touch her newborn son. Right photo, Reyna nurses her 3.5 Kg. son. Left is Norma, the women who had her last child with me and recommended me to Reyna along with Reyna and her husband.


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