In October, 2019, I was chatting with a young women on line using the service I subscribe to. Why? Go look at and you will understand better my motives for being in another country looking for another partner. Why the Philippines? Many of the Philippine women are small & slim, which is my preference, but the really great thing is that English is the official language of the Philippine government and so English is taught in their schools. Unless a person grows up in a very rural village and does not attend much school, any Filipino will be able to talk to you with some english and many have excellent english speaking abilities.

OK, now back to that day in October. I had traveled to Iligan, a city on the North coast of the Mindanao Island. I had rented a room in the Robinson's Hotel because I had been chatting on line using with a young women named

Cherryl Torino, 24, (Above) ( #14384685) who claimed to be a shy person & she said that she had never had a boy friend! I was staying in Cebu with another young women who had 1 young son, but we were not getting along well, so I decided to leave Cebu & come to this city with only 3 days left of my 30 day vacation. The next day at noon, Cherryl & I were supposed to meet outside of the hotel, next to the big Robinson's mall. About 12:30 PM, as I was thinking that Cherryl had gotten chicken, I hear a voice saying "Are you Jerry?" I turned around and was a women who I do not know. Short & a bit heavy set with a big smiling round face, she tells me her name is Rosalinda. Rosalinda tells me, that she works with Cherryl Torino who I was supposed to meet today, but she says she is very shy, so maybe that is why she did not come. So, we sit there & talk about the sadness we are both experiencing in our lives. Rosalinda tells me she is married & but has no children and her husband is working in Dubai and he has not contacted her in many months so she suspects he has a girl friend there. I talk to Rosalinda about my recent experiences with my wife, Mary Joy & the evil treatment she has been doing recently to me. I tell Rosalinda that I know my marriage is finished, because my wife, Mary Joy is currently pregnant with another man's child and because I do not want to spend the rest of my life alone, that is why I am here today. Rosalinda says she has some nieces, who maybe I may want to meet. Sure, show me, I tell her. She shows me a photo of a women who she says is 37 and was married and has 2 kids, but I tell her I prefer a younger girl, as they are more adaptable to learn my customs and culture. So Rosalinda shows me another photo of another cousin of hers, this girl is 21 and attending a technical college. Rosalinda says this girl, named Jingky is very quiet and conservative and she thinks Jingky has never had a boy friend and may be a virgin. Wow, I think, this girl may be much better then most of the women I have met on So, Rosalinda says she will contact Jingky and maybe we can meet tomorrow.

The next day, we meet in the big, Robinsons mall in Iligan city.

Rosalinda introduces me to Jingky. After viewing this beautiful mall, I ask Jingky if she has a phone? Yes, she shows me her phone, a small phone with a broken screen. So I buy her a new OPPO phone, 8000 Pesos ($160) so that I know we can communicate after I leave. After the phone purchase, I suggest that we go visit some famous places in Iligan city.

Here, we pose for a photo. The famous Iligan City Assumption Heights water fall is behind us. I am overwhelmed by the apparent youthfulness and beauty of this shy conservative girl. Not many men could resist wanting to start a relationship with this alluring and supposed virgin girl. After visiting this place, we return to my hotel and we say good bye. I tell Jingky that I will keep in touch using WhatsApp, a popular program for free cell phone communication.

I leave the next morning and return to my home in California. Jingky and I communicate every day. I show the photos of Jingky and I to my boss. Raul, my boss, being the owner of a successful company, has been scammed many times over the 30 years of owning a business, and he warns me that this could be a scam. At this moment, everything seems to be normal and nothing is rousing my suspicions. Jingky talks to me every day. I book a flight for January 20, 2020. Shy says she is very excited to start a relationship with me. Why would I think anything different, by Jingky's soft acting personality? I volunteer to support her schooling. I send her $200/month so she can quit her job and concentrate on her education. Then she wanted a laptop for her school work, so I sent money for that. I bought a diamond ring, because she wants to get married after I finish my divorce with Mary Joy. In December, Jingly is asking for me to pay for her yearly school costs. she quotes me a price of $1400. I tell her that is too much. She tells me her teacher gave her that amount. I told her to go to the school office and ask them if that amount is correct. They tell her the amount for her tuition costs are $680, so I said "OK" & I send that amount to her. Originally, I used Western Union to send money to Jingky, but she didn't have 2 forms of ID, so she asked me to send he money to her Aunt, Rosalinda who had good ID. So, I then would send money to Rosalinda P. Mugot. Western Union is costly, so I suggested that if Rosalinda has a bank account in the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) which my bank, Wells Fargo is affiliated with, money can be sent for just a $4 charge. Shortly after I paid for Jingky's tuition, she told me that her mother had had a heart attack. Jingky then wanted $300 to travel to the city of Zamboanga so she could visit her mother. I said "NO" to this request, so Jingky said she would borrow money from someone in her family so she could visit her mother & help pay for the hospital costs. I volunteered 2 meet Jingky's mother when I come here, but Jingky told me that Zamboanga city has had a lot of foreigners being kidnapped by the radical Muslims there, so it would be unsafe for me to go there.

On January 20, I left my home in Perris, Ca. and 2 days later, I land in the airport in Cagayan de oro, Mindanao to soon be with my beautiful Jingky. As soon as I land, I turn on my phone and I got a text from Mayln, the 16 year old sister of Jingky who is caring for her mother in the hospital. Mayln tells me that Jingky was killed in a motorcycle accident on January 21, one day before my arrival. I am totally blown away by this news! Mayln sends 3 photos of the motorcycle accident, which killed Jingky & her uncle. Below are the photos that Mayln sent me.

After seeing these photos, I was in a deep sorrow & crying for a long time. I sent some of these photos 2 my boss, Raul. He texts me back, saying this looks like that you have been SCAMMED! Raul tells me that a very similar story happened like this in Mexico last week! So, I stopped crying & started to think about all of the recent events that I have texts & photos about! Looking closely at the girl laying on that concrete street, she does NOT look like my girl Jingky.

I looked at the many photos that I have of Jingky, like the photo above & I see that her waist is centered on her body and her torso is long. The girl laying in the street has much longer legs then her torso, so that cannot be Jingky! Also, the girl on the pavment has a black watch on her arm & Jingky had a gold colored watch. My sadness is now being replaced by loathing. I am now looking at every word of our conversations. I look hard at the many photos I have. I see that Jingky's college tuition receipt does not have her name on it!

Love is truly blind! look at the word "Free" which has been inked over! $680 sent for this cost.

Here is a photo of Jingky's laptop purchase. Malyn told me, the laptop and Jingky's phone were broken during the accident. Now I doubt it, someone has those items. Probibly Rosalinda, which I believe is the mastermind of this scam

Here is a nice thought from Jingky. Better then what mt Ex. Mary Joy did for my last birthday.

Above is a supposed photo of Jingky's sick mother in a hospital in Zamboanga city. Is that women really Jingky's mother? I refused 2 pay for this!

I was sent this photo by Jingky's sister, Malyn, asking for 30,000 Pesos ($600) for the casket & burial costs.

Saturday, 1/25/2020 UPDATE.!

Is Jingky really in that casket? Because they are telling me that this happened in Zamboanga city, which Malyn says is dangerous for foreign visitors because of several recent kidnappings, I decided not go there to try to prove that this has happened! I have asked Malyn to take photos of Jingky if the casket is open, but I never got any photos! Saturday evening, Rosalinda came to my hotel. It was obvious to me, that she had been crying & when I saw her face, we cried together & hugged each other. If this is a scam, then Rosalinda is doing a very good act and the shame is on Rosalinda, who I must assume is the mastermind behind this scam. After studying & having my friends look at the 2 photos of Jingky above, my present gut feeling is that Jingky was not killed in a motorcycle accident & I was just used to get money for Rosalinda. I have Rosalinda's phone # +63 956 632 3191 and Malyn's phone # +63 938 305 7936 in case this does turn out to be a scam. And, a few weeks after I finished my vacation there in the Philippines, I was back in the US, & I saw that Cherryl Torino was on line. I asked her about why she didn't show up for our meeting? She said something about having to work that day. I also asked her about her being single & never had a boy friend. She said that a friend who knew English much better then her had written her profile & that the part about her that said that she had never had a boy friend was not true. She tells me that she has 2 kids & her & her husband are now seperated! Hmmmm! I think all of this is just part of Rosalinda's big plan 2 scam someone!

What do you think?