Above is Patricia and Mario. Patricia is pregnant with her first child. They called me early Tuesday morning telling me that Patricia was in labor. When I arrived, Patricia was still in early labor, but she was ready to give up because she said that the contractions were too painful. I got Patricia calmed down, and she advanced quickly (Middle photo). Soon she was pushing. The baby's head was moving down very slowly. The head did not feel right. I thought that we were going to have a face up birth. Finally the baby crowned after about 2 hours of pushing. As soon as the baby was born, a 8 Lb. 4 oz. girl at 2:55 PM, the problem was apparent. There was a large caput on the right rear of the baby's head. She was rather crocked in Patricia's pelvis, causing Patricia to push longer. With their faith and confidence, this San Gabriel Valley couple achieved their dream of a beautiful home birth as they wanted. #372.

I asked Patricia and Mario's to write about their view of this birth. Below are their words and photo.

"Amazing! The best experience we have ever been through! We, with the expertise of Jerry, the help of our great friend Leigh and the grace of God, had an excellent home birth. We had no idea how beautiful it would be. There were times of joy, excitement, and concern, and the realization of the extent of Jerry's knowledge. No words can really explain it but we will try.

Jerry has been an inspiration to us beyond what he is aware of. We have visited him at his El Niño Pharmacy and attended some of the prenatal visits of his moms in the area, and of course spent much time with him at our own prenatal visits. He has consistently impressed us with his humble but committed and thorough approach to his work.
Jerry arrived in a reasonable time after our labor had started. He immediately examined Patti and stated we are definitely having a baby soon. Shortly after his arrival our friend and helper Leigh arrived and we were set. Jerry was visibly tired but definitely at the top of his game. We initially felt progression was fast but then realized we had come to a stall point in Patti's progression. Constantly reading Jerry gave us concern but not fear. We came to a point where Jerry's concern peaked and he notified us of a possible hospitalization need but suggested a change in the routine of the last couple of hours. Patti responded well to his suggestions and walked and changed her position of pushing. Jerry assisted with Patti's pushing with pressure on her upper abdomen. Within a short while we were definitely making progress and within 30 minutes we had Mia Renee on Patti's stomach! Once again, Amazing!
We started out with the complete understanding that there are no guarantees, at home or in the hospital but we chose home with faith and confidence and were blessed with a healthy birth and baby that was not really up to any of us. We thank God for his gift and for empowering Jerry with his abilities and commitment.

Forever Thankful, Mario, PaTti and Mia Renee"

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