Sofia's home birth

Above is Sofia. Sofia lives in the riverbed and she expecting her second child. At 1:15 AM, 10/28/05, I received a call from Sofia. She said that she was having some good contractions, could I come and take care of her. "I'll be there in 2 hours" I told her. I immediately got up and headed for Tijuana. Sofia had her first child in Southern Mexico with a Partera, so she only knows home birth. Sofia has an EDD of 11/30/05, so I was wondering if this was going to be a false alarm. When I arrived at Sofia's riverbed house bit after 3 AM, Sofia was 3 cm. dilated and about 70% effaced. I could hear her outside, moaning and whimpering as I walked up to her Riverbed house. It took me a while to Sofia calmed down. I guess that her first labor was long, painful and traumatic to her. After I arrived, Sofia showed me an UltraSound that was done on 10/26/05. It said that she was 36.3 weeks along and the EFW was 2.3 Kg. By 4 AM, Sofia was 4 Cm. dilated and about 80% effaced, so I knew then that Sofia was progressing and it did not matter what the ultrasound said, Sofia's baby had chosen this day to be born. Sofia was having terrible back labor (center and right photos) and you can see that she was having a very tuff time dealing with her contractions. By 5 PM, Sofia was 8 Cm., and a few minutes later, she was complete. I encouraged her to start pushing a bit early, because it might feel better, and I was right. Soon Sofia was pushing and I could see a dramatic change in her face. Her baby began to move down with each push, and about 25 minutes later, the baby's head was becoming visible when she pushed.

Sofia has decided to have her baby on the floor. She is laying on an old, dirty rug, so I put a clean towel under her rear to provide a clean area to birth her baby. Sofia is slim and nimble so this position is easy for her, but this is not so easy for me to set on this cold, cement floor. Left, the baby's head has begun to crown. A few seconds later, with the same contraction, the baby's head is in a full crown.

A bit more, and the baby's head is born. Although the house and it's surroundings are not clean, the immediate area by her vagina is as clean as possible. Up to this point, I have been taking the photos, but I need to put the camera down and deliver this baby! I hand my camera to the daddy and tell him to take a photo when the baby's body is being born. He manages to take the right photo, but misses the birth of the body. Just one more push is needed and this little one will be out.

Left, at 5:41 AM, I lay Sofia's first son is on her tummy. Sofia was in mild labor for about 24 hours, so that allowed this good sized baby plenty of time to mold his head to fit his mom's pelvis. Right, about 30 minutes later, we pose together for this photo. Sofia's baby weighed 3.1 Kg., so her 2 day old UltraSound was a piece of junk. This is a term infant, not a 36 week old baby! A great birth, a happy mama and a happy but tired Partero (my legs are killing me, because I was setting on my legs on that cold cement floor for a long time) #451.

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