The Riverbed Fire!

In this tiny section of the Riverbed, A fire totally destroyed 27 houses. I have attended 16 homebirths in those 27 houses, so this place has lots of memories for me.

On Tuesday, 2/7/06, there was an electrical short circuit in some electrical wiring according to the local people. Because of the high winds that day, this is the result. Most of these houses were built not just close together, but most actually had common walls, so once the fire got going, the only thing that stopped it was a large separation between the next group of houses. The view above, looking East, Northeast, shows the starting point of the fire. Behind the burned van on the left of this photo is a dirt road about 20' wide, and on the other side of the dirt road is the starting point of the fire. The fire burned uncontrolled South, until the fire ran out of houses to burn. About 60 feet right of the starting point is the House of Leyva, who is Due in a few days with her first child. I hear that she and many others have been given temporarily lodging in a nearby church.

The above photo, taken from the same place as the first photo, is looking South, Southeast and shows the absolute, total destruction of those simple, wooden houses. Looking between the 2 trees, across the dirt road is where Adela and her family lived. Adela is about 8 months, so at least she is not due any moment. On the right side of the road, close to the end, is where Marta and her 5 children lived. Like Adela, Marta is about 8 months along with her 6th. child, and I worry about her children. Someone is attempting to set up a primitive house with old garage doors for walls and a blue tarp for a ceiling.

Above, this view is looking North, Northeast. At the far end, there is a group of Americans from a church group that frequently comes and helps these people. They are looking at the devastation at the starting point of the fire. This is Soooooo sad!


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