Below are the home birth photo stories of 3 very small women.

Think that you are too small?

I doubt it. These very tiny women are just as well equipped as any other to deliver a normal sized baby.

Above is a photo of Elenita and me. I delivered the small child that she is holding, and she is about 8 months with her 3rd.

The Left photo was taken about 20 minutes after my arrival. When I arrived, Elenita was 9 cm. dilated, and was soon pushing. I hurriedly prepared the area for this soon to arrive baby. The couple wanted birth photos, so I passed my camera to a neighbor lady who was my helper. Unfortunately, my camera was out of focus, and the moment is gone. Right, you can see how truly tiny this little mom is. The head of her newborn is taking almost ALL of the space of her pelvis!

Left, Elenita looks down to get a glimpse of her new little one. Elenita has a heavy grip on my left hand as she pushes, and it was quite an act to hold on to this baby with one hand, as she did not want to let go of my other hand. Right, about 40 minutes later Elenita poses with her not so little 3.40 Kg. (7.Lb 8 oz.) newborn wide eyed daughter. A big baby for this small women! I have delivered many baby's for small stature moms, and they quite often have easier births then their bigger sisters. Below are 2 more.

Above left is Guadalupe and me. Guadalupe is very small and she is normally a size 3. This photo was taken when Guadalupe was 8 months alone with her first child. Right, Guadalupe is in labor, and has about 4 hours to go. Her husband is by her side and helps Guadalupe with her contractions.

Left, Guadalupe has birthed the head of her first child. Look at the size of the baby's head compared to the size of her pelvis! Right, Guadalupe nurses her newborn 3.1 Kg. Daughter. Guadalupe is expecting again, and will have her next child sometime in May of this year. Guadalupe definitely wants another home birth.

Above left is a photo of Julia and me about a month before this birth of her third child. When Julia is not pregnant, she is a size 3 and weighs about 85 Lbs. I delivered her second baby about 2 years before this pregnancy. Julia lives in the Riverbed. Right, Julia is in labor, and this photo was taken about 2 hours before the birth. This baby feels quite big, and Julia's tummy is absolutely huge. I was worried about her ability to birth this large baby.

Left, the birth has started. Right, the head is out, and WOW, this IS a big baby! Julia's stomach is still big, even with this much of her newborn out. Amazingly, Julia did not tear during this birth.

A bit later, we pose together for this photo. Look at the size of Julia's newborn daughter. She weighs 3.8 Kgs. (8 Lbs. 5 oz.)!

3 amazing tiny women.


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