My Trike Project

Page 2, Add the frame wings & floor, and build the Storage compartment.

So, here is the Basic Trike. VERY basic at this moment! But at least I can now move it about in one piece. My intentions are to build a trike that I can have my whole family ride in. The rear part of the frame needs to be as wide enough to comfortably seat 3 people, my wife & 2 daughters. I have added the "Wings" to the frame, and laid a piece of sheet Aluminum over the widest part. A friend donated a Mercedes 8 way computer controlled leather seat, and I have temporarily mounted it on the chassis to see how it will fit.

The girls have come out to see what I have been doing. They want a ride today, but this thing has got a LONG way to go yet, before I will be driving it under it's own power.

In this photo, I have attached an Aluminum plate to the floor. This will serve 2 functions, as the back wall of the storage, electrical & gas tank compartment and as a firewall between the engine and rear seat.

In this photo, the girls test the seating arrangement. This old love seat I picked up along a street to use it as a test. Later, I will have a custom seat built to fit correctly in this area.

Jelim took this photo of me, after a long day of working on this beast. I'm hot, tired and dirty, but at least I've got a shady place to work.

In this photo, you can see the storage compartment that I have built. I originally had planned to have this welded together, but I can't weld aluminum, so I decided to mechanically fasten this together. What you see here is 146, ¼" screws holding things together. Using screws takes more time, but it has the advantage of being more flexible, if something needs to be changed or serviced at a later date, it can be easily taken apart.

Here is a view of the storage compartment with it's Aluminum lid. Soon there will be 3 hinges and a locking mechanism added to it.

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