A Home birth of Twins

Here is my second twin mom, in early labor, showing off her pretty tummy. If you look closely, you can see her ceserian scar. Her second twin is a breech. So, this is a planned VBAC Twin Breech Home Birth!

I am listening to FHT's on the 1st., head down twin. This mom is unbelievably calm. Both babies had good FHT's throughout her labor.

First one out, a 2.95 Kg. boy at 5:49 PM

Our first view of the second twin, we are worried about the color of this little ones toes.

Our worries are over, only his toes are blue. Another boy, this one is 2.75 Kg. at 6:01 PM. We work on this little one for a bit, as his birth went quite fast, 12 minutes, and he is a bit stunned by it.

About 45 minutes later, mom and babies are cuddling together.

A truely beautiful home birth.

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